What does it mean to unblock services like YouTube, Skype, VoIP etc. with VPN?

youtube-skypeWith a VPN service, it's possible to access blocked websites and services aswell as censored content, because you can bypass IP- and geo-blockades easily.

Several sites and services are not or only partly available in some countries. For example Skype, VoIP, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, AIM and a lot more.

With VPN you can connect to servers in foreign countries with other conditions of use, and request the desired service with the IP adress from this server. This method allows you to receive contents like a local that lives in the respective country and thus bypass the blockade.

With a VPN connection combined with the IP adress from another country, you can easily pretend to be someone from the Netherlands, America, Russia, Germany etc. and get access to every blocked service and content you like, no matter in which country. For a list of the best VPN per country visit https://www.bestvpnproviders.net/.

But dont mess up "unblocking" with "unlocking". Many people are searching for a way to unblock Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services - and a VPN is perfect for that, as well as SmartDNS which can be used on SmartTVs. Unlocking means getting rid of the provider lock of the company which sold your cellphone - thats something different.