Can I watch american online streams abroad with VPN?

USA - the paradise for many tv-series-junkies. Here you get to stream every episode right after it's premiere. No need to say that this is only possible for US citizens, many people living in other countries will now that. It's because these services are blocked outside the US for copyright reasons. Therefore it's not possible to watch HULU, Netflix etc. from abroad. It wasn't possible until now: Because with a VPN account you do have the possibility to watch from anywhere in the world without being blocked by the online service.
With a VPN account you connect to a server in a desired country, for example to one with an IP Adress located in the USA. You can find VPN Providers with American / US IPs here:

Now that you get the IP adress from this server, the online platform doesn't recognize you're not really sitting in the US because it only can see the IP adress from the server you are connecting through, and this server is in fact standing in the US and therefore passes the geo-location check that is done via the IP adress of a user. And you don't have to worry about copyright infringements.