Does a VPN protect me from disciplinary warning letters?

redtube-warning-lettersLately, thousands of RedTube users received warning letters with the demand to pay 250,- euros for alleged copyright infringements. Because of that, many users are now insecure of streaming videos over the internet, and that's for a reason. Especially porn vr streaming websites like RedTube, YouPorn, XHamster or Pornhub are holding high risks for users to get warned. This is because lawyers know that only few people want to contest an action regarding porn copyright infringements, and discuss porn movies with the judge. Most of them will just pay the fine.

A VPN protects users from getting warned by hiding their real IP adress and replacing it with one of the VPN providers IP adresses. Until now, we haven't heard from any provider revealing IP adresses of their users because of warning letters. Also, many VPN providers have their place of business in foreign countries and therefore it's almost impossible to discover the users behind the VPNs.

With a VPN connection, users can surf the web without having to worry about copyrights being correctly licensed on websites they visit. Another advantage of a VPN connection is the possibility to watch streams from foreign countries: For example if a user wants to watch Netflix, HBO & more while being on vacation abroad and cannot connect to those streams because of geo-location blockades. You can find more Information on

It doesn't matter if its streaming, BitTorrent filesharing or the access of a filehoster - VPN increases the protection against warning letters, law suits and nasty surprises.