What do i need a VPN for?

Lock concept buttonNormally the privacy of internet surfers is almost unprotected. The IP adress identifies each user uniquely for website owners, providers and everyone who sniffs data on the internet.

Also there are datamining companies who try to get a lot more information about you. You either give them the information on free will - or they get the data from your behaviour on various websites with trackings installed or data you send unprotected, via free wifi spots.

From this data they can see a lot of things like your favorite products, websites, chats, people on facebook etc. as well as emails, hobbys, personal data like birth date, address, travel behaviour and a lot more.

With a VPN connection you can mask your real IP adress by using the ones your VPN provider allocates. This is because you are first connecting to one of the VPN providers servers and after that, every request you send through the internet is lead through the VPN server which has his own IP adress. And most of the VPN providers have thousands of different IP adresses from many different countries.

This makes it possible to connect to blocked websites by using an IP adress from a country that isn't blocked on the desired site. You can now pretent that you are from the US, Russia or Germany and get access to different online streams that are blcoked outsite their homeland and much more.

Also you can make your sensitive data from your online activities anonymous, this is especially useful for journalists that are researching delicate information. Another area where VPNs are used is trading with Cryptocurrencies.

But VPN can do more than that. If you're using public WiFi networks, your data traffic - such as your E-Mails, account information etc. - is open for everyone who nows how to sniff it. By using a VPN connection, your private stuff will be hidden even if you're surfing "in public".

Of course there is the question what data VPN providers collect. Can you really trust such a provider? Some of the providers listed on this website are maintaining so called provider logs, most of them because of payoff reasons. They collect the time of the connect, the time of disconnect, the used bandwith and the used IP adress. But not every provider is logging, please view our comparison table for more information about that.

What really matters is, that those informations should not be handed out to third parties and, that none of the providers is maintaining a traffic log: None of the providers keeps records of the websites you visited.